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December 31, 1969

Salem Township

Warren County Ohio

Road Department

Position Description


Job Duties

Operates basic equipment & performs basic roadway maintenance duties which vary by season.

The employee will constructs, improves, maintains, repairs & cleans roadways and right-of-ways to include excavating and grading ditches, digging channels & cleaning waterways, cuts brush, grass & other vegetation, applies chemicals to vegetation, patches & seals berm & pavement, mixes mortar & cement & concrete, shovels backfill, installs & repairs catch basin & stream channel & completes other drainage work, screens bleeding surface, reshapes / digs ditches / trenches, pours hot tar, removes trash, cleans & repairs roadway & right-of-ways, mows grass, moves and loads supplies & materials & completes other related roadway maintenance assignments, operates any combination of basic equipment to haul trash), performs snow & ice control & related maintenance duties by operation of snow plow with spreader, brine dispensing equipment, dump truck with attachments, maintains, repairs & installs traffic signs & pavement markings on roadway.  Repairs/replaces/straightens street &/ or traffic signs & other route markers, installs & repairs guardrails).

Performs emergency response & clean-up & performs traffic control / flags traffic through work zones or around accident site, sets lane closures, place high water signs; erects barricades, receives training (on the Job and formal) in various types of construction inspection activities (maintenance related inspection items)

Performs minor repairs & maintenance on equipment. (sharpens, sands, paints, refuels, lubricates, checks tires for wear & pressure, replaces light bulbs; washes and cleans trucks & equipment to prevent rusting); changes tailgates & snowplow blades; conducts pre-trip inspections of equipment.

Performs miscellaneous labor & book keeping task; operates two-way radio/base station; telephones crews for emergencies; cleans office and garage; keeps daily records & logs ( fuel sheets material check sheets); responds to general inquiries from public ( gives directions, explains traffic delays; explains work underway); assists stranded motorists ( telephone for needed assistance); performs general labor & maintenance functions at garage; loads and unloads freight; arranges stock in warehouse; moves equipment. 

Performs miscellaneous labor within township cemetery, digs graves, fills graves, sets tents, removes flowers, plants grass seed, repairs damage foundations, runs weed eater, mows grass, sets footers for grave markers, keeps records of plots and lots.   

  • Must have Valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License w/tanker endorsement without air brake restriction       
  •  Add subtract, multiply & divide whole numbers
  • Cooperate w/co-workers on group projects. / lift 50-100 lbs.